The future of storytelling and learning

“One idea lights a thousand candles.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson –


Our world needs innovation. However, our educational system is not built to produce innovators. To the contrary, only those who are emboldened enough to go against the grain have the potential to change the world.

The critical failure of our education system is seen most dramatically in the poor imaginations of today’s students. Fortunately, one tool has the potential to change this:

Science Fiction.


For over a century, science fiction has played a singular role in inspiring people of all agest to explore the world with courage and imagination in ways that compel them to become innovative members of society.

The following people have become innovators due to a direct relationship they had with some of the greatest science fiction stories of all time:


Edwin Hubble

Quit law school after reading Jules Verne to become the greatest American astronmer in history


Dr. Mae Jemison

First African American female astronaut was inspired after watching Lt. Uhura on Star Trek.


Carl Sagan

Became a renowned evangelist for astronomy and science after reading Edgar Rice Burroughs


Elon Musk

Revolutionized the space industry and the electric car after reading Robert Heinlein as a child

Each of these people became innovators through luck. Were it not for each of them encountering the right science fiction story at the right time, they might have never contributed so greatly to the world.

What if there was a story that inspired children to imagine a better world, and gave them the skills to create it?


Tesoro is a transmedia project that seeks to inspire endless generations of readers and sciene fiction fans. Through captivating storytelling over five books and compelling, relevant exposure to innovative and engaging content, readers will be invited to pursue a life of exploration and innovation.


Tesoro awoke one morning in the basement of his new home to discover that he had what no other robot on the planet had—parents, and a mind of his own.  From that moment on, Tesoro learns how to navigate high school, is arrested by the authorities, makes a few friends and finds himself at the center of a growing technology crisis on the island of Domanis—the first man-made nation on Earth that houses close to two million people and travels the world.

The first twenty-four chapters of Tesoro will soon be released online.  As readers  experience the story, they quickly find that there is more within each page than just the tale being told.  Easter eggs are buried within the text that, when discovered, will reveal an ever-expanding world that has a real connection to the world we all inhabit today.

Readers will learn about robotics and artificial intelligence, experience compelling brain games, watch video interviews with innovators of today, and receive bonus materials that open the window into the expanding world Tesoro inhabits.


Additionally, even more content will be discovered that tells the story of how the ideas in the novel are linked to the real world. Readers will be introduced to real people working actively today in innovative fields such as artificial intelligence, soft robotics, autonomous transportation, synthetic biology and more.

Through this content, readers will learn how the imaginative concepts in the story are in fact related to real innovation today.

By connecting the thrilling science fiction novel to real innovations of today, we have the potential to create a lifelong relationship between the reader a world of science, creativity and imagination.


Artificial Intelligence
Mobile Healthcare
Autonomous Transporation
Synthetic Biology
Big Data
Computer Science
Environmental Science
Prosthetics …and more


The charcaters who populate the plausible yet fictional world in Tesoro are engaging, complicated and built to challenge readers.


The first sentient humanoid robot in history, Tesoro defies expectations and navigates the divide between the human and artificial worlds.

Professor Cassandra Gahlo

Dr. Gahlo is a beloved professor at the prestigous Horizon Academy. She created Tesoro as a gift for her nephew Zachary.

Zachary Aggarwal

An average kid with average expectations, Zachary mainly wants to fit in—a goal that becomes complicated by his study bot, Tesoro.

Solange Brodeur

“Sola” is a brilliant, sensitive and fiercely independent student who refuses to conform by any norms, or obey any rules.

Intani Sharma

Ms. Sharma is the Director of Student Services at the Academy—a position from which she exerts her authority over the students.

Allison “Budge” Kirby

Budge was born with a few disabilities which she has overcome through sheer grit and an deep connection with her own robot.

Higgs & Bouchon

Mr. Higgs & Mr. Bouchon are responsible for all of the technology that makes The Horizon Academy function…most of the time.

The Messenger

Someone has a special ability to send helpful messages into Tesoro’s CPU at just the right moment…but they refuse to reveal who they are.


The island of Domanis is the first artificial island ever built. It is a self-sustaining nation-state that measures over 260 square miles, is home to nearly two million people, and endlessley travels the world’s oceans.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

– Abraham Lincoln –


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